Smart TV has many features but more expensive than basic TV. If you have a Television with basic feature then you have many ways to turn out basic TV into a smart TVSo the question is what can we really turn our TV in smart TV at an affordable price? Yes! We could do it. There are many ways to turn our TV into a smart TV. I prefer to suggest following ways to turn your TV into a smart TV.


Chromecast is the device that specially designs for internet streaming digital audiovisual content through mobile or pc. Chromecast also has screen mirror your feature so you can easily mirror your mobile to big screen television. Since 2014 Chrome cast support google play store. You can enjoy a hundred Android oriPhone apps and play or pause directly from your phone. Nowadays Chromecast takes the most important place in our living room. Chromecast requires tv with HDMI port a Wi-Fi network or and compatible computer or mobile.


Amazon fire TV stick is a streaming device for audio-video content from the internet. You can enjoy a huge selection of Bollywood, Hollywood and regional language movies, TV episodes, shows through the fire TV stick. Amazon fire TV stick comes with voice remote. With Alexa, you need to press and ask to search your favorite episode, shows, a movie from Netflix, YouTube, prime video, voot etc. In October 2018, Amazon announced the latest Fire TV Stick which offers 4K for  6000 rs. The device initially ran Fire OS 3.0, based on Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Amazon fire TV stick is perfect for Amazon prime video access. Amazon Prime members can play unlimited video from Amazon prime video application. You can carry anywhere your Amazon Plug Fire TV stick and plug into any TV’s HDMI port, connect to WiFi and watch continuously.
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Android tv box

    android tv box running the Android operating system same as like as your mobile or tablet and so many other devices. android tv box has so many different names. in Europe it called Kodi box, in America, is called a streaming device. In Asia, it called as Tv tv box usually support external hard disk and USB. it also supports camera, mouse, keyboard via USB port. In nowadays Android tv box run on latest android 8.1 system and also support 4K resolution and high-definition imaging effect. This device Comes Pre-installed Google Play Store, Netflix, YouTube, and many other popular Streaming Channels.. it Supports Google Cast, Screen mirroring and Miracast with Android and iOS.
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    Airtel Internet TV

           Airtel internet tv is a latest launched advance set-top box for streaming all the content available online along with your TV channels and experience unlimited entertainment with chromecast built-in. Airtel internet tv comes with screen mirroring and casting feature.  you can stream content from any Cast-ready application on your smartphone, tablet, and even PC to the box. Airtel Internet TV box is powered by Android TV  you can get the world of content apps and games in your living room and crystal clear picture clarity with integrated 4k capability. TV set-top box remote comes with a dedicated voice search button that performs differently based on the context.
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      Screen Mirroring devices

      Screen mirroring devices is that device that wirelessly sending your digital content from your mobile, tablet, laptop to your television. Most of the devices are directly plugin into the HDMI port of display .some devices need HDMI cable can connect to the display. Nowadays many mirroring devices come with Wireless WiFi Display Dongle for Android & iOS Devices at a budget price. These devices help you to connect your phones, laptop, tablet, iPad to the display without any driver, just plug and play for instant audio-video playback, It also compatible with all major operating systems.
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      Roku streaming stick 

                  In the streaming world, Roku streaming stick has the only streaming players that work with all these channels: Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, VUDU, Sling TV, and PBS KIDS. Easily access movies and TV episodes paid or free channels. Roku TV  stick coming with USB power cable with an advanced wireless receiver.TV must have HDMI port for continuous steaming.
                 Roku has also powerful  Portable feature. You can carry anywhere your stick and watch your favorable episode different HDTVs in your home, hotel,  dorm rooms  Roku stick has a simple menu and familiar to a user. I think that Roku cross-app search is better than other streaming stick. Roku system uses a specific infrared command. so you have to just point your remote on TV for work it. Roku has Free mobile application for iOS and Android with voice search and private listening. For more information click here
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