Introduction :-   
                                   Wireless communication system is one of the important part of the technology. we are familiar to Bluetooth, WiFi but there is another way invented for data transformations and that is LiFi. Li-Fi can transmit 10GB data per second. it is higher speeds than Wi-Fi.The led lamp is already useful but Li-Fi gives it’s another  purpose i.e. faster connectivity of data streaming.
       What is Li-Fi ?

                                 Li-Fi means Light fidelity. Li-Fi is a new technology for high-speed data transmission through the light in a wireless communication system. Li-Fi using Led lamps light to transmit data. Li-Fi uses visible, ultraviolet and infrared. it called as visible light communication system (VLC). Each Li-Fi enable light has its unique IP address. 
        How does Li-Fi work ?

                               Li-Fi is bidirectional wireless communication technology. Li-Fi data is transmitted by the led lamp and received by the photoreceptor. Photosensitive receptor received light and demodulated in electronic form. Then it converts back into the data stream.
         Brief History of LiFi :-
  •  Professor herald hass introduced this term in 2011. He put a new idea of wireless data streaming through the light. He is also co-founder of PureLifi Company. 
  • The first commercially product of Lifi available in 2014, known as Li-1st.      
  • in 2014 a Mexican company sisoft succeeded to transmit data up to 10 Gbps with using Lifi. This is a new record established by Sisoft Company. 
  • There is another well-known company Philips also join to produce lifi product. 
  • UAE baser telecommunications reported that they are successfully tested LiFi for internet, audio, video streaming.
  • Popular company Apple may be build his future devices integrate with LiFi.
  • In2015 company introduce LiFlame claimed that this is first product for mobile communication.
  • In 2016 PureLifi company launched world first industrialized Lifi solution with French lightning company Lucibel
  • In 2017 released LiFi XC provide fully network solutions.
  • In August 2018 Scottish secondary school use LiFi technology in classroom. it is a first pilot project in world.                                                 

       Advantages of  LiFi :-
  •  Lifi can transmit 10GB data per second it is higher speeds than Wi-Fi.
  •  Lifi has 10000 times the frequency spectrum of radio the frequency spectrum of WiFi.
  •  Lifi is more efficient and cheaper than wifi. Lifi requires very few components than radio technology.
  •  Lifi easily Eliminates neighboring network interference. Also not obstruct by radio interference.
  •  Lifi never creates interference in sensitive electronics so it gives another importance in hospitals and aircraft.
  •  Lifi is more efficient than wifi. Lifi requires very few components than radio technology.
  •  LiFi cannot penetrate wall so it is a more secure for short range. So we make its limited use for devices inside the room.
  •  Vehicle can communicate with each other with use of LiFi. Traffic signal also  provide accurate information about current road traffic.                                                               
        Disadvantages of Lifi :-
  •  Light cannot penetrate the wall so it make Lifi short range physical space limitation.
  •  LiFi cannot replace WiFi or 5G because of its short range limitation .future devices could be seamlessly switch between 5G, WiFi, and Lifi.
  •  Lifi has low reliability and high installation cost.
  •  We cannot use internet without light source. So it could affect Lifi availability and make limited itself.
  • Other sources of light may interfere LiFi signal. Sunlight will interfere LiFi signal. so in day light internet can be easily interrupted. 
  •  LiFi signal can easily block by putting any object in front of led bulb. 
  • A  new hardware for Li-Fi would need in large scale. Which is not available in large scale.

That’s all about Li-Fi. Thanks for reading this post. I will return soon with more informational posts on technology. Till then, stay tuned! 
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