Do You Need a Roku for Each TV? (Yes, but…)

Roku devices are affordable. Furthermore, Roku allows you to use as many devices as you want in the same household. If you’re considering equipping multiple TVs, it’s possible, but…

Do you need a separate Roku device for each TV?

You own a Roku device but have multiple TVs in your house. You might be wondering if you need a separate Roku device for each TV, or if you can share a single device across multiple screens.

Do you need a Roku for each TV?

The answer is simple: yes. Each TV requires its own Roku device. Indeed, a single Roku cannot serve multiple TVs at once. However, you can still move your Roku from one TV to another as long as you remain connected to WiFi.

Roku, comparable to Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV, connects directly to your TV’s HDMI port. Therefore, it cannot stream its content on multiple screens simultaneously. On the other hand, since the Roku doesn’t directly sync with the TV but with your WiFi network instead, switching screens is straightforward.

Hooking up a Roku to another TV

It’s a breeze to disconnect your Roku and reconnect it to another screen. The Roku doesn’t specifically sync with any given TV. So, you can even take it with you on a trip and hook it up to a TV in an Airbnb, for instance.

The big advantage? All your apps and settings remain intact. When you reconnect your Roku to another screen, everything is exactly as you left it!

Just make sure you have access to a WiFi connection and be ready to enter your credentials if needed.

Why buy multiple Rokus?

Before delving into this part, here’s a snapshot of the available Rokus.

Roku stick table

(Smartphone: scroll the table to the right >>>)
Roku Express Roku Express 4K Roku Streaming Stick 4K
Image Roku Express | HD Roku Streaming Device with Simple Remote (no TV controls), Free & Live TV Roku Express 4K+ | Roku Streaming Device 4K/HDR, Roku Voice Remote, Free & Live TV Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device with Long-range Wireless and Roku Voice Remote...
Ideal for Budget-friendly HD streaming 4K streaming + Fast WiFi 4K streaming + Extended range WiFi
Resolution 1920 x 1080 px (full HD) 3840 x 2160 px (4K) 3840 x 2160 px (4K)
4K and HDR no yes yes
Price → Check the Price → Check the Price → Check the Price

However, if you decide to purchase multiple Rokus, a few factors deserve your attention:

1) Internet connection speed

With a limited internet connection, it can be an issue. Watching movies on several TVs could result in choppy playback. Check your internet providers and the speeds they offer at your address.

2) Number of simultaneous connections

Platforms like Netflix or YouTube TV limit the number of simultaneous connections. If your home has multiple Rokus, you might need to consider upgrading your plans.

3) Roku remotes

A Roku remote is dedicated to a single device. So, make sure not to mix up the remotes if you have multiple devices.

For instance, if you have several Rokus, don’t place a bedroom Roku remote in the living room. A tip is to place a sticker on them for identification.

What about your Smart TVs?

Remember: a Roku is a gateway to streaming apps.

Many recent TVs already offer these apps natively. So, it’s wise to check what your TVs provide before buying another Roku.

I’d bet your smart TV already has Netflix, Amazon Prime, and several live TV options like YouTube and others pre-installed.

However, Roku’s ease of use often makes it more appealing than systems built into TVs.

In conclusion

Although it’s impossible to connect a single Roku to multiple TVs simultaneously, it’s easy to move it from one screen to another. If this doesn’t suit you, investing in multiple Rokus remains an affordable option. Before making any purchases, don’t forget to examine the capabilities of your current Smart TVs.

If you decide to go for multiple Rokus, keep in mind the points mentioned earlier:

  • Your internet connection quality (bandwidth speed).
  • Restrictions of your streaming services (number of simultaneous screens).
  • Managing your Roku remotes (one remote per device).

Thank you for reading, and I hope this guide proves helpful!

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