How Much Bandwidth does Echo Dot Use?

The Echo Dot is a virtual assistant that has become very widespread in recent years. It includes Alexa, the intelligent software to assist in daily life. But a device like this can consume more than one might think.

So, how much bandwidth does the Echo Dot use?

How Much Internet bandwidth Does Echo Dot Use?

For an average daily usage of 1 hour per day, the Echo Dot uses about 50 to 70 MB of data, or about 2 GB of data per month, depending on how you use it and how often. For example, music consumes more data.
You may be wondering how to know how much data the Echo Dot uses? Does the Echo Dot use data when not in use?

Data Consumption for Music

If you listen to music regularly with Alexa, you undoubtedly use the Echo Dot or will do so if you don’t have one yet.
Listening to music consumes more bandwidth than just giving simple commands to Alexa.

The most used function of the Echo Dot is to listen to music.

The Echo Dot uses about 50 to 70 MB per hour of music listening. Count on about 2 GB of data per month for daily listening of 1 hour.

Data Consumption for Commands

Suppose you have other Alexa devices installed throughout your house. In this case, you can create smart home commands using the Echo Dot. For example, you can ask Alexa to turn on the light when you come home.
You will need to buy the additional accessories to do this and program them. A request such as “Turn on the light” uses about 5 KB of data, which is very low.

Bandwidth used for questions

One function of the Echo Dot is to be able to ask Alexa almost anything.
What is the weather today? Is one of the most asked questions by users. You can even ask Alexa for more varied information like when it’s time to take the dog out.

Asking questions to Alexa consumes a bit more data on the Echo Dot. Count between 100 and 500 Kb depending on the length of the answer.

Constant Bandwidth Usage

Alexa uses bandwidth all the time, even when not in use.
The reason is simple, Alexa must be able to act when you speak to her and so she is always listening to the environment.

However, this consumption is low, comparable to the use of a device in standby mode.

Echo Dot uses about 7 MB of bandwidth per day when not in use.

Keeping the Echo Dot plugged in and connected to the Internet even when not in use allows you to give commands at any time.

Data Use for Echo Dot Updates

System updates require more significant bandwidth usage.
Just like your smartphone, the Echo Dot is constantly connected to the Internet and it automatically updates. However, these updates are not very frequent.

An Echo Dot update can consume between 50 and 300 MB of data depending on the updates.

In Summary

The Echo Dot consumes about 2 GB of bandwidth per month for daily use of about 1 hour with different commands, questions and music listening.

Alexa consumes data even when you’re not using it (about 7 MB per day or 200 MB per month), which is a small amount.

It’s worth noting that listening to music with the Echo Dot consumes much more internet bandwidth than basic usage but less than the Echo Show, which uses more due to its screen for watching videos.

Unless you have a very limited internet subscription, the Echo Dot’s internet data consumption is not a problem for anyone.

Having an Echo Dot at home is both convenient and enjoyable.

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