Where to find the power button on a TCL Roku TV? (Guide)

Desperately searching for the power button on your TCL Roku TV? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Indeed, this button seems to be the hide-and-seek champion!

But don’t fret! I have good news for you. Typically, there are only two main spots where it might be hiding.

Where is this power button on a TCL Roku TV?

On most TCL Roku TVs, the power button is located: 1) in the middle, right below the TV, slightly set back. 2) Or in the middle, but at the back 3) at the back, on the right side in the middle of the panel, or 4) still on the right rear side.

And here’s another piece of good news: no matter which TCL Roku TV model you own, every one of these TVs has a power button on the device itself. You just need to spot it.

Lost your Roku remote? No worries! You can still turn on your TV using the power button.

However, I should note that the exact location of this button might vary depending on the year and model of your TCL Roku. Here are the key spots to check out, assuming you’re facing your TV:

1) Right below, in the middle

Most of the time, your TCL Roku TV’s power button is located right below the screen’s center. If you haven’t spotted it yet, don’t blame yourself. It’s a really discreet spot, and many don’t even know it’s there.

Depending on your TV’s model, the button might be positioned slightly forward on the bottom part or a bit more set back. Either way, a quick feel underneath the TV, and you should locate it.

Note: most of the newer TCL Roku TV models have this power button placement.

2) Lower middle, but at the back

Since you’re already in this area, reach back because the power button might be located right at the back in the middle at the bottom. (behind the TCL logo, in fact)

3) At the back, right side, at the bottom

If the button isn’t in the middle of the right side, then it’s time to direct your search a bit lower.

Once again, slightly pull the TV away from the wall and inspect the lower part at the back, on the right side. You should find the power button there.

For your information: this is usually where the button is on older TCL Roku TV models.

4) At the back, right side, between the middle and the frame

If, despite your searches, the power button remains elusive, I’d bet it’s hiding at the back, on the TV’s right side.

Roku really had the clever (and somewhat frustrating) idea to place it there!

Push the TV slightly away from the wall and inspect the back, on the right side. You should spot a small power button there. If not, a flashlight might come in handy to illuminate this area.

The user manual: your ally in locating the power button

If, after all, the power button remains hidden, I recommend consulting the user manual specific to your TCL Roku TV’s model and year.

You can find the exact model number on the back of your TV. Type it into Google along with the brand, followed by “user manual” or “guide”. You should come across a detailed diagram showing the location of each button.

Why are the buttons hidden?

When thinking about a modern TV, three things come to mind:

  1. Picture quality
  2. Smart TV features
  3. Aesthetic appearance

And it’s precisely this last point, aesthetics, that’s responsible for the discreetness of these power buttons. Designers aim for TVs to be thinner, more elegant, and more stylish than ever, even if it means sacrificing the visibility of certain buttons.

For instance, Samsung’s “THE FRAME” TV is a picture-frame styled TV with a frame outline.

SAMSUNG 32-Inch Class QLED The Frame LS03C Series, Quantum HDR, Art Mode, Anti-Reflection Matte...

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If you have a remote, all is well. But without it, finding the ON/OFF button can become a real puzzle.

A backup solution: the Roku app

If you don’t want to play hide-and-seek with your TCL Roku TV’s buttons, I have a solution for you: the Roku app!

Simply download it from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once installed, it will automatically detect nearby Roku TVs. Just ensure your smartphone or tablet connects to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.

With this app, your phone becomes a remote control. And between us, I find it even more convenient than the original remote. With it, the ordeal of typing letter by letter with the traditional remote is over 🙂

In conclusion

Searching for the power button on a TCL Roku TV can prove tedious. But rest assured, it’s there, somewhere!

Here’s a recap of where to find it:

  1. Right below the TV, in the center
  2. At the back, right side, in the middle
  3. At the back, right side, at the bottom

And if you really don’t want to bother finding the button, consider the Roku app to turn your smartphone into a remote.

So, did you finally locate that power button? If it’s not working, read this guide on issues with TCL TVs.

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